Detailed analysis and expert Forecasts for your state​Victorian residential builders have experienced a high level of activity over the past five years, the envy of all other states. Latest industry reports show that this level are set to fall back over the next three years, reveals industry reports. This may leave local home builders in Melbourne and Victoria to lament that their business is in a decline, when comparing with past good times.

The better news is that after a period of moderation, the residential building industry will resume good growth.

“It’s important for the Victorian building and construction industry to see the bigger picture and not to panic – the sky is not falling, however the surging business they have enjoyed over the past period will pull back to a more usual level,” says Peter Barda, Executive Director for Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF).

“The ACIF Forecasts point to Victoria returning to pace with New South Wales, with Queensland close behind, cooling back from a surging local industry over the past five years.”

“The Victorian building and construction industry can see the bigger picture of demand for their services by referring to good quality industry data.”

“ACIF Forecasts have are generated with the data facts but also the local knowledge of what is really happening in the economic and social marketplace that drive Victorian building and construction.

[Text Box: Figure 1 Residential building in Victoria has outpaced the rest of Australia for over 5 years, returns to comparable levels in medium term. © Copyright Australian Construction Industry Forum 2013] The chart below shows the relatively strong past period for the Victorian residential sector has been out of character with other states, and how it is now returning to pace with similar states. While the growth curve has changed, it is generally an upward trend for Victorian residential building.

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