ACIF Construction Market Reports are available for all statesACIF's inaugural Construction Market Report for Tasmania shows a variation in demand forecast for the apple isle that will bring some relief from two sectors that outstrips peers in other states.

While much of Australia is set to experience a flat to declining non residential building sector, due to its unique set of factors, Tasmania is set to see an outlying result in demand for non resi work. Chart below shows the significant difference between the forecast for Tas and the rest of Australia.

Demographics play a big part in this, as an ageing Tasmanian population has seen a spike in need for aged care facilities and health services. While the sharp uptick in demand for these assets will moderate when compared with the past decade, it will remain at relatively high levels.

The Tasmanian engineering construction sector too has good news from the ACIF Forecasts. There too are drivers in the local market and demographic that are seeing an increase in the level of engineering work that may make inter state migration an option for some players.

ACIF Construction Market report for Tasmania

ACIF Construction Market Report for Tasmania and Hobart is available now. Construction Market Reports are available for all states and territories, and are based upon the ACIF Forecasts released in May 2013, generated for ACIF by ACIL Allen Consulting using high quality data including Deloitte Access Economics, Cordell Information and ABS.

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