Access to private residences (Class 1a buildings) and the accessibility of the internal parts of flats or apartments (Class 2 buildings) are generally not subject to the DDA and are therefore not addressed by the Premises Standards.

Those responsible for private residences, however, are encouraged to consider the design guidelines issued by Livable Housing Australia www.livablehousingaustralia.org.au/

Be warned that State Legislation is in place which, in NSW for instance, imposes obligations on developers to provide diversity including Adaptable Housing and Livable Housing.

 Section 23 Access to premises of the DDA refers to non-discriminatory access to and use of premises and covers more than just the construction of buildings used by the public. Section 4 of the DDA defines ‘premises’ as follows:

 premises includes:

  1. a structure, building, aircraft, vehicle or vessel; and
  2. a place (whether enclosed or built on or not); and
  3. a part of premises (including premises of a kind mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b)).