The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the UK's representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry. It has published a new "Essential Principles Guide for Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Environment" which aims to support, guide and motivate clients, developers and contractors to achieve high standards of access and inclusion in all their projects. 

If leaders in the construction industry champion inclusion from the outset, those employed to design, construct and manage projects are more likely to achieve high quality accessible and inclusive developments.

Building owners and developers will greatly benefit by generating a development that will:

  1. Place people at the heart of the design process
  2. Acknowledge diversity and difference
  3. Offer choice where a single solution cannot accommodate all users
  4. Provide for flexibility in use
  5. Create an environment that is convenient and enjoyable for everyone to use.

Inclusive design does not need to increase costs. If planned and integrated into the client’s business case from the outset it can be cost neutral. Redesign and post completion retrofitting can be very expensive, can lead to compromise and inefficiencies, and even legal redress if discrimination is the result. Access by design will generally provide a much improved user experience where independence and dignity can be reliably maintained, compared to relying on management arrangements, such as the need for a member of staff to operate a portable ramp.

Sydney Access Consultants are committed to removing the barriers to access, one step at a time.

For full details see CIC website.