This new innovation in accessible showering enables users to access the bathing zone without having to step over a traditional curb and even on a wheelchair if they are ambulatory. All the models are offered in 188 solid colours and 65 granite colours; if you do not see a colour that you like they can customise the shower roll in the shower pan to your choice f colour from any paint manufacturer. The company offers 63 versions of their best shower pans of which 49 of these are curb-free. They offer 34 versions of tub/shower bathing units. The sky is the limit with the options available for your next project.




  • The drain is installed along the full length of the from of the pan so that all water on the floor drains along the length of the grate rather than through the more typical centre and left or right hand rails
  • The typical handicap walk in shower function with a T-shape water stopper and weighted shower curtain to provide curb free entry while still maintaining the water in the bathing zone
  • You have endless colour choices available to you