774 Food utensil storage

Dispensa – With Arena Vario  Shelves (Pull out Pantry)


The Dispensa Pull-out pantry allows pantry products to be easily accessible to every user through it's ability to slide out from the wall. 

  • Each Tray or basket can be individually hung at a height to suit the contents, making DISPENSA a Flexible solution providing alot of storage with a very small footprint. The entire height and width of the unit can be fully utilised. It makes better use of available space and supports good organisation and fast access. All the contents, even on the topmost shelf are in clear view - from either side!
  • Arena Vario gallery shelves with Antislip coating in Ice White







S-Box (Pop-Up Storage)


This first S-Box™ range is a practical and stylish way to increase the storage space in your Kitchen and with a carefully selected range of products and contents to suit every taste, enables your kitchen to look clean, clutter-free and well presented.

Maximising otherwise wasted space towards the rear of the cabinet or within the voids in a kitchen island, each S-Box™ can be easily installed and adds value and innovation to any kitchen design. Described as the most innovative development in the kitchen market since the soft-close drawer, the S-Box™ is set to become the next "must-have" accessory in every household. 


Possibility of getting objects stuck within the moving assembly.