470 Stairs & Ramps

Delta Platform Stair Lift


The Delta is the perfect solution for straight indoor and outdoor staircases. An elegant design, a very slim construction, as well as a silent operation are the striking features of the Delta. With its appealing design the lift perfectly fits into any surrounding.

The Delta is fast and easy to install. Its simple but ingenious platform mechanics are easy to understand and require a minimum of maintenance.


Is limited to straight staircases, if a circular staircase is to be navigated use The Omega PlatformLift.







Latham manufacture a range of Aluminium and Brass Safety Stair Tread Nosings.Stair treads are used to ensure pedestrian safety and reduce the possibility of litigation for a building owner caused by slip and falls. These also are considered an important part of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) for domestic and commercial buildings.

What Latham refer to as Stair Tread Nosings are sometimes also referenced to as Latham Treads, Step Treads, Anti-Slip Nosings, Slip resistant Nosings, Step Nosings and other variations. Essentially they all have the same function which is to promote pedestrian and public safety.


The premium straight rail stair lift can accommodate up to 160kg capacity with a generously sized swivelling seat to facilitate safe entrances and exits from the lift. This energy efficient stair lift can last up to 40 trips up or down the stairs in case of a power outage. It is compact stair lift that doesn't compromise premium features or seating capacity.


There are two options available for users the trifold ramp and the suitcase ramp.