478 Ramps

Nexus FlatPack Series


Our design team, in collaboration with independent access architects, have created a unique approach to the design, engineering and delivery of landing and tread/step systems that can be ordered, configured and rapidly deployed, easily adjusted for variable heights and tread configurations, and that are affordable and easy to install.

Available in a variety of standard configurations, designed and engineered to meet the exacting standards demanded by DDA, AS and BCA, the configurable and adjustable platform height along with angle adjustable tread/steps meet the rigorous Australian compliance demands.

The FP-LT systems are versatile, reusable and adaptable, offering unprecedented flexibility and configuration options adaptable to a variety of applications, e.g.

• Disabled Access
• Temporary Construction
• Building Site Access

Our basic FP-LT models can be installed onto existing hard-stands or concrete pads, requiring no welding or cuts. Being reusable, relocation is practical and easy and the systems come with a variety of lifting points for ease of movement. Heavy duty and rigid in construction, FP-LT systems can be ordered in a variety of finishes.

The innovative design takes care of all compliance requirements, delivering a stable, rugged and versatile system that is easy to install. With versatile landing direction points, (straight, left or right entry) you can connect these systems to ramps and other functions to expand features and accommodate new applications.